Remote Emergency Telephone

  • Fire Alarm
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    Spesifikasi Remote Emergency Telephone

    Remote Phone in Locked Cabinet. The red cabinet is silk-screened with Fire Fighter’s Telephone on the door’s breakglass. Phone is available with either an

    armoured cable, or a retractable cable.


    Firefighter telephones provide direct communications with the Firefighter Telephone Control’s master phone:

    When remote phones call the master, a call tone is provided to verify that the request is in process (exact performance may vary depending on master phone equipment)

    Two-wire telephone circuits are supervised and power-limited Phone assemblies are available for:
    Surface or flush mounting, (NOTE: backbox is ordered separately) Or as separate phone sets for plugging into dedicated remote phone jack stations Available options:

    Armored cable models to minimize vandalism (voice and ear caps are sealed with adhesive)

    2084-9014 Red Pluggable Phone

    The 2084-9014 emergency telephone is ruggedly constructed of Cycolac Type T, a thermal ABS material. A coiled line cord and jack is attached. Cord length is 5 ft. (1524 mm).

    2084-9001 Remote Phone Jack Stations. Jacks are mounted on a single gang plate for use with pluggable phones. The front is marked “Fire Emergency Phone”. An optional call LED indicator is available. No additional circuits are required to operate the call-in LED when the remote phone is connected to a Simplex fire fighter’s phone system.